Pricing isn't a one size fits all process, because each order is customized for the particular customer it is impossible to give you an accurate quote without specific information.

Please review the questions below before requesting a price quote, so that we may give you an accurate estimate. 

  1. How many pieces? Are they all the same?
  2. What is being embellished: Caps, Shirts, Jackets, Other(please specify)
  3. Will you be purchasing your garment at SOS Embroidery?
  4. If not, what type of garment will you provide? What material?
  5. How soon do you need it?
  6. Do you have a specific design/logo that you want to use?
  7. If yes, do you have a quality digital copy of it?
  8. If no, do you want to have us design one?
  9. How many different colors will be in your design/logo?

Call us at (619) 417-3040 or vist our Contact Us page and fill out the form with your information and we will return your email as soon as possible. Thank You for visiting our site.

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